AIOU Roll No Slip 2024 – Know Your Roll Number Here!

AIOU Roll Number Slip Pakistan

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has introduced a streamlined process for students to access their roll number slips for the Spring and Autumn 2024 semesters. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to check and download your AIOU roll no slip, ensuring you are prepared for your upcoming exams.

Accessing Your AIOU Roll No Slip Pakistan

AIOU has implemented a new system for students to obtain their roll number slips. Follow these steps to access your roll number slip for the Spring and Autumn 2024 semester exams.

Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Roll Number Slips

Login Credentials:

AIOU provides login IDs and passwords via SMS to the phone number registered on your admission form. Ensure you have received this information.

Login to AIOU Portal:

Visit the AIOU enrollment portal over here:

Enter your registration number as your username in the spaces provided:

AIOU Portal Login for Roll No Slip

Use the password provided by AIOU via SMS. If you haven’t received it, use the last two words of your full name and the last four digits of your registration number as the password. For example, if your name is Sami Ahmed and your registration number is 16PRI78910, your password will be “SA2345”.

Navigating the Portal:

After logging in, navigate to the “Exams and Grades” section.

AIOU Roll No Portal

Click on “My Schedule” and then “Search.”

Viewing and Downloading Your Roll Number Slip:

Once you click “Search,” your roll number slip will be displayed.

You can take a screenshot or download a printout of your roll number slip for your records.

Important Information for Students

  • Exam Dates: The exams for Open/Certificate Courses, AD, ADC, ADE, AD (HRM, Islamic Banking & Marketing), B.Ed, BBA, BS Accounting & Finance, and BS Programs for the Spring 2024 semester are starting from 16th October 2024.
  • Reappearing Students: The process outlined above is also applicable to students who are reappearing for exams.


  • Login Issues: If you encounter issues logging in, ensure that you are entering your registration number correctly and using the correct password format. If problems persist, contact AIOU support for assistance.
  • Missing SMS: If you did not receive your login credentials via SMS, check the accuracy of the phone number provided on your admission form and update it if necessary.

Final Words on Allama Iqbal Open University Roll No. Slip

Accessing your AIOU roll number slip for the Spring and Autumn 2024 semester is a straightforward process with the new online system. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily obtain your roll number slip and be well-prepared for your exams.

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