Best Guide for AIOU Assignment Submission on Aaghi LMS Portal

AIOU Assignment Submission

Allama Iqbal Open University has streamlined the AIOU assignment submission process with the introduction of the Aaghi LMS Portal. This portal is a comprehensive online platform designed to facilitate students in submitting assignments, attending workshops, accessing lectures, and utilizing the digital library. For new and continuing students, mastering this portal is essential for academic success.

Step-by-Step Guide for AIOU Assignment Submission

Creating the Assignment

The first step in submitting your AIOU assignments on the Aaghi LMS Portal is creating the assignment. Follow the guidelines provided by AIOU meticulously. Each assignment should answer five questions, ensuring that you cover all required content. Remember, assignments must be original and written in your own words.

Preparing Submission Files

Before uploading your assignment, make sure your submission files are ready:

  • File Naming: Name your files properly using the format: Student’s name, roll number, subject code, and assignment number (e.g., Asg1-0516.pdf or Ahmed-asg1-eng.pdf).
  • File Format: Convert your assignment to a PDF format to ensure compatibility with the portal.

Logging into Aaghi LMS Portal

Accessing the portal is simple:

  1. Login: Use the login credentials provided by AIOU. If you haven’t received them, contact the head office for assistance.
  2. Navigate to Dashboard: Once logged in, you will see the dashboard.

Selecting Your Course

After logging in, select the course for which you need to submit the assignment:

  1. My Courses: Click on the ‘My Courses’ button.
  2. Choose Course: Find and select your course from the list. Ensure you choose the correct course code, as some courses have multiple codes.

Choosing the Assignment

Now, select the specific assignment you are submitting:

  1. Assignment Selection: Click on the assignment number (e.g., Assignment #1 or Assignment #2).
  2. Assignment Details: Review the assignment status and due date. Ensure you submit before the due date to avoid penalties.

Checking Assignment Status and Details

Before submitting, it’s crucial to check the current status of your assignment:

  1. Status Page: This page shows the due date and whether the assignment has already been submitted or graded.
  2. Ensure Accuracy: Verify all details to ensure you are submitting the correct assignment.

Adding Your Submission

To submit your assignment:

  1. Add Submission: Click the ‘Add Submission’ button.
  2. Upload File: On the new page, drag and drop your PDF file or use the browse button to select your file.
  3. Save Changes: After uploading, click ‘Save Changes’ to confirm your submission.

Uploading and Saving Your Assignment

Ensure that your submission is correctly uploaded and saved:

  1. Upload: Click ‘Upload this File’ to upload your assignment.
  2. Save: Ensure you click ‘Save Changes’ after uploading to complete the submission process.

Editing Submitted Assignments

If you need to make changes:

  1. Edit Submission: Navigate to your submitted assignment and select the ‘Edit Submission’ option.
  2. Resubmit: Make necessary changes and resubmit the file before the due date.

Additional Tips for Successful Submission

Handwritten Assignments

While most assignments should be typed and submitted in MS Word format, some subjects like Urdu may allow handwritten submissions:

  1. Scan Documents: Handwritten assignments must be scanned and converted to PDF before uploading.
  2. File Size: Ensure the file size is less than 5 MB to avoid upload issues.

File Size and Naming Conventions

Proper file naming and size management are crucial:

  1. File Naming: Use clear, structured names to avoid confusion.
  2. File Size: Compress files if necessary to keep them under the 5 MB limit.


AIOU assignment submission on the Aaghi LMS Portal is a straightforward process once you understand the steps involved. Follow this guide to ensure your assignments are submitted correctly and on time. If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out for help or leave a comment below. Your academic success is just a few clicks away!


To log in to the Aaghi LMS Portal, use the login details provided by Allama Iqbal Open University. If you haven’t received your login details, contact the AIOU head office or help desk to obtain them. Once you have your credentials, go to the Aaghi LMS Portal login page and enter your username and password.

If your assignment file size exceeds 5 MB, try compressing the PDF file using online tools or reducing the file size by optimizing images and content within the document. This ensures that your file meets the upload requirements on the Aaghi LMS Portal.

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