AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal is a technology offered by AIOU that is aimed to ease the lives of students. It has modernized the method of education and learning for the students of AIOU. LMS Portal is a Learning Management System that aims to provide video tutorials, an HEC digital library, AAGHI Training, and workshops all under the same roof. This feature makes learning more accessible and convenient. You can even receive feedback on your assignments over this platform.

Additionally, you can submit assignments, review your attendance, receive announcements, and access your course books. You can use the LMS portal on your phone, tablet, or your laptop anywhere and at any time. This allows you to be a productive student without having to be physically present in the classroom.

However, students enrolling at AIOU for the spring and fall semesters have been having issues accessing the portal and setting up their login details. AIOU IT team has fixed a few bugs and updated the portal’s software so that no students face problems in the future. Students of AIOU will now be able to complete assignment submissions and attend workshops.

Let’s get more into the details down below!


Allama Iqbal Open University AAGHI LMS Home Page

When you visit the portal’s home page, you will see a variety of features provided to students on their electronic devices. It is specially designed to cater to every student’s needs at a given time. This portal system helps form a good communication bridge between the students and the admin. Here are the categories that you can see:

  • Face-to-face programs  
  • International students
  • Login by using MS Teams
  • Login for old students 
  • Support for AIOU teachers and students
  • How to attend the workshop
  • Check your workshop schedule
  • Regional LMS focal person
  • How to attend workshop quiz

For any troubleshooting issues or FAQs regarding the homepage, we have a few follow-alongs that you can read through to assist your experience better. How to attend a workshop is one of them.

Which AIOU Students can use AAGHI LMS Portal?

If you are enrolled in the following AIOU programs then you can use the AAGHI LMS Portal Login by using the details given to you from the university at the time of admission.

  • BED (Bachelor of Education)
  • BS (Bachelor of Science)
  • MA (Master of Arts)
  • MSc (Masters of Science)
  • MED (Masters of Education)
  • PDG (Post Graduate Diploma)
  • M. Phil (Masters of Philosophy)
  • Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy)

How to Use AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal Login

How to get started? Firstly, you open the AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal through this link. You will see a lot of options on the page, such as Current LMS Portals, Previous LMS Portals and Support.

Click on current LMS portals and choose Login for the semester you are enrolled in, e.g. Spring 2024. You can only log in if your admission has been confirmed. This confirmation happens when you receive a text message with fresh login details. Insert those login details into the sign-in page, and then you are in!

If you are having issues logging in or haven’t received login details via text, contact a regional office through the helpline or via email. You can find these on the website. It may be difficult to get a prompt reply to your email because of the workload of the admin personnel; thus, it is advised that you visit the campus yourself, if possible. There, you will be provided with your new login details that you can use to access your portal.

All Features of LMS AIOU PORTAL

The Aaghi LMS Portal of Allama Iqbal Open University offers numerous features, which we will elaborate on in this article. Below are some of the listed features we will cover comprehensively.

  • Events
  • Video Tutorials
  • HEC Digital Library
  • Course Overview
  • Timeline Courses
  • User Manuals
  • Open Access E-Books
  • Open Access Journals
  • Aaghi LMS Portal for Tutors
  • Assignments
  • Attendance
  • Announcements
  • My Courses
  • My Progress
  • AAGHI Training


This is perhaps the most essential component of the Aaghi LMS Portal i.e. Assignment segment, which helps students with assignment submission. Within this section, students can upload their assignments online before the specified deadlines. Tutors review and assess the assignments, subsequently publishing the results on the portal so students can view their assignment grades online.

My Courses

Within this section, students can access a list of the courses they are currently enrolled in. Additionally, they can monitor their progress for each course and access relevant course materials.


The attendance section of the Aaghi LMS Portal enables students to monitor their attendance records. Here, they can view their overall attendance record, while tutors update student portal attendance regularly.

Video Tutorials

The main feature of the Aaghi LMS portal is video tutorials. Students can watch video lectures from their tutors to better understand and prepare for exams.

HEC Digital Library

This section is crucial within AIOU. It allows easy access to the HEC Digital Library through the Portal, providing a wide array of digital books.


In this section of the AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal, you’ll find all announcements pertaining to Allama Iqbal Open University. These announcements include

  • New Admissions
  • Results
  • Deadlines
  • Other informative updates about the university


This section is tailored for students seeking information about AIOU events. It covers a range of events such as

  • Sports
  • Seminars
  • Admissions
  • Exams

How to Sign in to the AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal

When you sign in to the AIOU AAGHI LMS portal, you’ll need to use your registration number/username and password. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a dashboard that shows information about the courses you’ve chosen. On the left side of the dashboard, you’ll find your courses listed in order. In the top right corner, there’s a picture of your account, where you can manage different options:

  • Dashboard: This gives you an overview of your courses and progress.
  • View Profile: Here, you can see your profile information.
  • Edit Profile: You can make changes to your profile, such as adding a picture and description.
  • My Courses: If you want to submit your assignment, then follow “My Courses > Course Name > Assignment No“. Upload the assignment file and submit.
  • Grades: This shows you the grades you’ve received in each course.
  • HEC Digital Library: To access it, simply click on the Digital Library tab located on the right side of the navigation bar. From there, select the digital book you wish to read. Additionally, you have the option to download the book for offline reading.
  • Preferences: This is where you can manage your user accounts, badges, and blogs.
  • Calendar: You can see upcoming events related to your courses in a monthly view.
  • Logout: This logs you out of your account.

You can click on the menu bar and choose these options to access their features. Each option opens a new tab where you can see all the course materials. It’s a good idea to save your username and password on your device so you can easily log in later, and it reduces the hassle of having to insert your login details every day.

If you have any problems logging in to the AIOU AAGHI LMS portal, you can ask for help in the comment box.

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