AIOU CMS Portal Enrollment: Complete Details for Continuing Students

AIOU is one of the best modern universities in Pakistan, offering tons of courses and degrees to aspiring professionals in the tech space. There are countless courses and tools offered here, from Learning Management Systems to Content Management Systems or CMS portals, and all you have to do is sign up and enroll in these programs. AIOU courses and tools can be used on virtually any device, including your computer, laptop, phone, tablet, and more, giving you the freedom to study from anywhere.

However, before you proceed, you’ll have to know how to log in and manage your account since many students have already needed help logging in, and the AIOU team has ironed out a lot of bugs.


If you’re excited to be part of AIOU, you may be wondering how you can get started! First, all you need to do is click on this link to go to the university’s main enrollment page. You’ll need to have access to your details, namely your username and password, which, of course, is generated by AIOU itself and texted to you via SMS.

If you don’t have this text, you can ask for it again, and if you’ve forgotten the details of your account, you’ll have several ways of getting it back. For now, proceed to the login to gain access to your new tools and courses.

If you are having issues logging in or have yet to receive login details via text, contact a regional office through the helpline or via email. You can find these on the website. It may be challenging to get a prompt reply to your email because of the workload of the admin personnel; thus, it is advised that you visit the campus yourself. There, you will be provided with your new login details, which you can use to access your portal. 

Forgotten Password

Passwords are complex to keep track of, and when you have so many things to study and so much to enjoy as part of this prestigious university, it’s understandable that you may need to remember your details.

These details are essential because they’re the key to accessing your account and getting all the videos, tools, and resources that you’re used to, as well as videos that students love. If you never got a password, contact AIOU at 051-111-112-468. You can contact support at and for more support, or click on the provided link on the enrollment page.

AIOU Soft Books

What AIOU CMS Offers


The AIOU portal is excellent because it easily offers records of your entire time at the university, ranging from different semesters to when you first joined, how long you’ve been part of the university, and more important metrics like attendance. This information is vital for your future professional life, too, which is why special attention has been given to ensuring it’s provided in the portal.


Every student needs access to their grades because grades are important to keep track of and because you will need to know where you stand on each project, class, or semester. More importantly, when the time comes to apply for jobs or search for new opportunities, you’ll need to show these grades, and AIOU makes it very easy to find them on the go, no matter what device you’re using.


Assignments are a regular part of every course, and as the world becomes more digital, they are mainly completed online and on websites. The AIOU portal ensures students get access to this, too, because you will be able to use the portal to submit any assignments, see the grades you got, and see the feedback your teacher provided.


There are countless courses available to study at AIOU, and students can use the portal to access study material ranging from videos to books. You can also enroll in classes online.

Fee payment

Thanks to the AIOU portal, fee payment has become easier than ever. You can pay online and receive a receipt as proof of payment.

How to utilize it

Using the AIOU portal is incredibly easy. Once you have found your information, use your details to log in and then enroll in the courses you want. If you are an existing student logging in for the first time, you’ll find a lot of different resources that you can use on the website to help you with your studies.

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