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When pursuing higher studies at Allama Iqbal Open University, it’s crucial to consider the AIOU fee structure. Students can become confused and uncertain about the fees for the 2024 academic year, particularly if they’re thinking of enrolling in a course program.

If you’re seeking information about admission fees, tuition fees, or other charges linked to AIOU’s course programs in 2024, this blog post will provide you with all the necessary details to help you make an informed decision.

About AIOU []

Allama Iqbal Open University is a public research university situated in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was established in 1974 by the Government of Pakistan and has since become the fourth-largest institution of higher education globally, with over 1.4 million students enrolled in various academic programs.

AIOU offers over 5,000 courses in multiple disciplines, ranging from basic education to postgraduate studies, including distance learning and e-learning. In addition to its campuses spread across the nation, AIOU has established several regional offices in cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar. The university also offers online services such as online fee payment, registration, and virtual classes.

What is AIOU Fee Structure 2024?

When considering tuition costs for the 2024 academic year at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), students must factor in various new fees. These include registration fees, examination fees, late fees, and other charges linked to their academic program as well as guess papers.

Additionally, the university mandates an annual subscription fee for all students to access its services and facilities, such as library and IT support. Moreover, students applying for financial aid must pay an application fee. Alongside these expenses, students may also have to cover costs for textbooks, internet access, housing fees, and other incidental expenses. All these fees combined will determine the total cost of education at AIOU.

AIOU Fee Structure 2024 for Matric

Starting your academic journey with Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) through its Matric program is an affordable option, thanks to the AIOU Fee Structure 2024. AIOU’s Matriculation programs are designed with affordability in mind.

For the year 2023-2024, AIOU has restructured its fee structure to make it easier for students to pursue a Matric degree. The university charges a registration fee of Rs. 500 and a tuition fee of Rs. 1,200 per credit hour. AIOU also offers scholarships and financial aid programs that can help students cover their education expenses without any financial burden.

AIOU ProgramPer Year FeeTotal Year
MatricRs. 2000 /-02
Darse-E-Nazami Group MatricRs. 2000 /-02
Matric in ScienceRs. 2020 /-02
Matric in ArtsRs. 2020 /-02

AIOU Fee Structure for Intermediate Program

The AIOU Fee Structure for Intermediate Program 2024 involves several charges that students must pay. These charges include registration fees, tuition fees, examination fees, and other fees.

Registration Fee: Students applying for admission to AIOU must pay a one-time registration fee of Rs. 1000/-, which is non-refundable.

Tuition Fee: The tuition fee for the intermediate program at AIOU is split into two parts – Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 comprises Rs. 2000/- per semester, covering educational syllabus, textbooks, and tutorial classes in AIOU Regional campuses.

Part 2 covers Rs. 1000/- per semester for examination fees and Rs. 1000/- per semester for practicals, including lab work, fieldwork, and workshops.

IntermediatePer year FeesTotal Years
F.ARs. 2500 /-02
F.SCRs. 2500 /-02
I.ComRs. 2520 /-02
ICSRs. 2520 /-02

AIOU Fee Structure for BS 4-year Programs

The AIOU Fee Structure for BS 4-year Programs in 2024 is designed to make higher education affordable and accessible to all students. AIOU’s fees are highly competitive, ensuring that students from all financial backgrounds have access to quality higher education.

For those seeking a Bachelor’s degree in any of AIOU’s four-year BS programs, AIOU offers a range of payment options. Students can pay their tuition fees in full at the start of the semester or in monthly installments throughout the academic year. Additionally, AIOU offers discounts on tuition fees if students pay for a full academic year upfront. Veterans and active military members are also eligible for special discount packages.

CoursesDurationTotal Fee
BSc Computer Science2 Year23000
BS IT4 Year23000
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration4 Year23000
Associate Degree in Tourism Management4 Year23000
Associate Degree in Hotel Management4 Year23000
Associate Degree in Hospital Management4 Year23000
Associate Degree in IT Management4 Year23000
Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance4 Year23000
Associate Degree in Human Resource Management4 Year23000
Associate Degree in Marketing Management4 Year24000
BEd Arts4 Year23000
Bachelor of Arts General Group4 Year24000
BS Microbiology4 Year23000
BS Computer Science (BSCS)4 Year23000
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)4 Year24000
BS Mass Communication4 Year23000
Bachelor of Library & Information Science4 Year23000
BS Chemistry4 Year23000
BS Mathematics4 Year23000
BS Physics4 Year23000
BS Accounting & Finance4 Year23000
BS Statistics4 Year26000
Associate Degree in Commerce4 Year27000
Associate Degree in Banking & Finance4 Year29000
BEd Elementary Teacher Education4 Year30000
BEd Secondary Teacher Education4 Year25500
BEd Arabic2 Year26000
Bachelor of Dars-e-Nazami4 Year24500
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management4 Year26000
Associate Degree in Education2 Year24400
Bachelor in Mass Communication4 Year23000
BS Environment Science4 Year19000
BCom4 Year23500
BS Botany4 Year17800
BA2 Year12000
BS Library and Information Sciences4 Year18000
BS Pakistan Studies4 Year16900
BS Mass Communication4 Year16900
BS Gender Women Studies4 Year17000
BS Islamic Studies4 Year19500
BS Arabic4 Year16000
BS Urdu4 Year18000
BS English4 Year21000
BS Accounting & Finance4 Year25500
Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship4 Year23000
BS Instructional Design and Technology4 Year23000
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management4 Year26500

AIOU Fee Structure For Master Programs

The AIOU Fee Structure 2024 for the Master Program has recently been published. The tuition fees for AIOU’s Master’s programs differ based on the program selected by the student. The Fee Structure includes information about the applicable tuition fees, registration fees, and other related charges for each course.

AIOU offers two types of fees: Reduced Fees (RF) and Full Fees (FF) for each program. The Reduced Fee option is available for students who have lower income or are members of AIOU’s scholarship programs. However, those who do not fall into this category will be required to pay the full fee amount.

1MBA Management2 Year27500
2MSc Economics2 Year26500
3Master in Public Administration MPA2 Year27000
4MS Mass Communication2 Year24000
5MSc Management science2 Year25000
6MA Educational Planning & Management2 Year26000
7MSc Statistics2 Year27000
8MBA Information Technology (MBA-IT)2 Year24000
9MBA Executive (Col.MBA/MPA)2 Year23000
10MBA Banking & Finance2 Year26500
11MBA Marketing & Human Resource Management2 Year24000
12MSc Live Stock Management (Hon)2 Year27500
13MA Education Planning and Management2 Year28000
14MA Urdu2 Year21000
15MSc Gender & Women Studies2 Year22000
16MSc Forestry Extension2 Year24000
17MSc Community Health & Nutrition2 Year24500
18Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science2 Year23000
19Master in Library & Information Sciences MLIS2 Year28000
20MS Computer Science (MSCS)2 Year21000
21MS Community Health & Nutrition2 Year22000
22Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics for Dieticians2 Year24500
23Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition2 Year26700
24MA Distance & Non-Formal Education2 Year28500
25Post Graduate Diploma in Gender & Women Studies2 Year22000
26MEd2 Year23000
27MEd Special Education2 Year20000
28MEd Teacher Education2 Year21000
29MA Special Education2 Year23000
30MA History2 Year22000
31MA Education2 Year23500
32MA Teacher Education2 Year24000
33MSc Chemistry2 Year21000
34Post Graduate Diploma in Gender & Women Studies2 Year23000
35Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education2 Year25500
36MEd in Elementary Teacher Education (ETE)2 Year24500
37MEd in Distance and Non-Formal Education (DNFE)2 Year24300
38MA Islamic Studies2 Year22000
39Postgraduate Diploma in Criminology2 Year20000
40LLM2 Year25000
41MS EconomicsN/A31000
42MS Finance & HRM2 Year33000
44MSc Physics2 Year32000
45MS Chemistry2 Year24500
46MSc Mathematics2 Year24500
47MSc Microbiology2 Year23500
48MEd in Science Education2 Year22000
49MSc Television Productional2 Year21000
50MA ArabicN/A22000
51MSc SociologyN/A30000
52MSc Mass CommunicationN/A31000
53MSc Pak StudyN/A32000
54MSc Environmental ScienceN/A31000
55MSc Rural DevelopmentN/A25000
56MSc Sustainable Environment DesignN/A23000
57Postgraduate Diploma in Mass CommunicationN/A20000
58MSc Agricultural ExtensionN/A18000
59MSc Agriculture2 Year15500
60MSc Forestry Extention2 Year20000
61MSc BotanyN/A21000
62Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English Foreign Language TOFELN/A24500
63MA Teaching English Foreign Language TEFLN/A21900
64MSc Public NutritionN/A23000
65Educational Planning and ManagementN/A24000
66MSc Administrative SciencesN/A22500
67Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain ManagementN/A20000
68PGD Educational Leadership and ManagementN/A19500

AIOU Fee Structure For Ph.D. Programs

The AIOU has recently released its Fee Structure 2024 for Ph.D. programs. The university offers an extensive array of Ph.D. programs in various fields such as Education, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Islamic Studies. The AIOU Fee Structure 2024 outlines essential details such as enrollment fees, tuition costs, and other related expenses.

1PhD Urdu5 YearHEC Recognized35000
2PhD Shariah5 YearHEC Recognized35000
3PhD Islamic Studies5 YearHEC Recognized35000
4PhD Iqbal Studies5 YearHEC Recognized35000
5Postgraduate Diploma in Population & Development5 YearHEC Recognized35000
6PhD Chemistry5 YearHEC Recognized35000
7PhD Mass Communication5 YearHEC Recognized35000
8PhD Physics5 YearHEC Recognized35000
9PhD Education in Distance & Non-Formal Education DNFEN/AHEC Recognized35000
10PhD Food & Nutrition5 YearHEC RecognizedN/A
11PhD Teacher Education5 YearHEC Recognized35000
12PhD Science EducationN/AHEC RecognizedN/A
13PhD Special EducationN/AHEC RecognizedN/A
14PhD Educational Planning & Management EPM5 YearHEC Recognized35000
15PhD Business Administrate5 YearHEC Recognized33000
16PhD Computer Science5 YearHEC Recognized35000
17PhD Statistics5 YearHEC Recognized35000
18PhD Agriculture5 YearHEC RecognizedN/A
19PhD History5 YearHEC Recognized35000

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