AIOU Solved Assignment Spring 2023 PDF BA

Seeking “AIOU Solved Assignment Spring 2023 PDF BA” denotes a quest for specific academic resources tailored for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program at the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) for the spring semester of 2023.

These PDF documents are invaluable for distance learners, offering detailed solutions and guidance for their assignments. Such resources play a pivotal role in facilitating students’ understanding of their course material, enabling them to navigate through their curriculum with greater ease and efficiency.

By providing structured answers and explanations, these AIOU-solved assignments serve as critical study aids, helping students not only complete their coursework on time but also to grasp complex concepts more thoroughly. For students juggling their studies with personal or professional responsibilities, accessing these assignments in AIOU books PDF format offers a convenient and flexible way to stay on top of their academic requirements.

404AIOU BS Urdu ODL Solved Assignments
406Economics Of Pakistan
407Modern Muslim World
409Commercial Geography
411Sociology – I
412Social & Cultural Anthropology
422Organizing Library Resources
423Library Services
426Pakistani Adab – II
429Mass Education / Literacy
430Principles Of Journalism
436Seerat – E – Tayyaba
437Islamiat (E)
458Community Development
464Islamic Fiqh
465Population And Development
466History Of Libraries With Reference To Pakistan
467Classification And Cataloguing
472Quran – E – Hakim

Assignment Submission Date BA
Assignment No 115-07-2022
Assignment No 215-08-2022
Assignment No 315-09-2022
Assignment No 415-10-2022
Exam MonthOct / Nov – 2022

Half Credit (3 Credit Hours) Book Solved Assignments

413Sociology – IIPDFPDF
417Pakistan StudiesPDFPDF
427Pakistani – Adab – IPDFPDF
438Principles Of AccountingPDFPDF
439Advertising And Sales Promotion  
444Advance AccountingPDFPDF
449Magazine JournalismPDFPDF
451Public RelationsPDFPDF
452Mass CommunicationPDFPDF
453Radio BroadcastingPDFPDF
454TV BroadcastingPDFPDF
455Book EditingPDFPDF
456Business TaxationPDFPDF
460Mercantile LawPDFPDF
462Cost AccountingPDFPDF
463Fundamentals Of BusinessPDFPDF
482Food MicrobiologyPDFPDF
484Food And NutritionPDFPDF
485Health And NutritionPDFPDF
487Child DevelopmentPDFPDF
1413Financial AccountingPDFPDF
1414Fundamental Of Money And BankingPDFPDF
1415Introduction to Business FinancialPDFPDF
1416Business CommunicationPDFPDF
1421Introduction To EnvironmentPDFPDF
1422Environmental PollutionPDFPDF
1423English – IPDFPDF
1424English – IIPDFPDF
1427Principles Of ManagementPDFPDF
1428Commercial GeographyPDFPDF
1429Business MathematicsPDFPDF
1430Business Statistics  
1431Basics Of ICT (English)PDFPDF
1431Basics Of ICT (Urdu)PDFPDF

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