AIOU Tutor Search by Roll No 2024

Students enrolled at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) often need to submit written assignments as part of their coursework. To facilitate this, the university has implemented the AIOU Tutor Search by Roll No system. Understanding how to search roll numbers in 2024 for AIOU Assignment is crucial since it is the tutors who evaluate and grade these assignments.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of searching for your AIOU Tutor by Roll Number for the 2023-2024 Spring and Autumn Semesters.

AIOU Tutor Search by Name and Roll No

With a vast number of students from around the globe, AIOU focuses on maintaining a high standard of education. This is achieved partly by ensuring that students can easily connect with their assigned tutors. The university has put considerable effort into appointing the best tutors to elevate the learning experience of its virtual students. For a student to benefit from this system, knowing how to search for their assigned tutor using their name or roll number is essential.

AIOU Tutor Search by Roll No Method

Finding your appointed AIOU tutor is a simple process. Below are the steps to locate your AIOU Tutor using your Roll Number:

  1. Access the Portal: Begin by typing ‘AIOU Enrollment‘ in the search bar of your browser or directly click on the provided link.
  2. Enter Your Details: Once on the portal, input your Roll Number or Registration Number along with the password sent to you by the university.
  3. Dashboard Access: Upon successful login, your dashboard will be displayed.
  4. Locate Your Tutor: In the dashboard, look for the ‘My Tutors’ section. Here, you will find the details of your assigned tutors.
AIOU Tutor Search by Roll No Method

Checking AIOU Tutor Confirmation

Each AIOU student has a specific tutor assigned to them, which can be confirmed through the student’s dashboard. It’s a crucial step to always verify your instructor’s details before sending in your assignments. This confirmation is especially important during the semester.

Note that during the workshop sessions, such verification is not necessary.

My Tutor AIOU Spring/Autumn Semester

By enrolling in AIOU, students gain access to a diverse range of e-learning opportunities. For both the Spring and Autumn semesters, the university assigns different tutors, often hailing from various districts to cater to the specific needs of learners. For instance, a student in Rawalpindi might have a tutor from the same region. There are instances where the same tutor may be assigned for both semesters, but this varies.

My Tutor AIOU Spring/Autumn Semester

Find Tutor AIOU by Registration No

Locating your AIOU tutor is a straightforward process if you have your registration number and password. Simply go to the Tutor Page on the AIOU website and follow the instructions provided. You’ll encounter a button that, when clicked, allows you to print all the necessary details of your tutor. It’s advisable to paste these details on the first page of your assignment before sending it to the respective tutor.

Troubleshooting AIOU Tutor Search Issues

If you encounter any difficulties in searching for your AIOU tutor by roll number, the university offers support through their official focal person. Students can reach out for assistance by sending an email to [email protected].


The AIOU Tutor Search by Roll No feature is a testament to AIOU’s commitment to providing accessible and quality education. This system not only simplifies the interaction between students and tutors but also enhances the overall educational experience at AIOU. For students aiming for academic success, understanding and utilizing this feature is invaluable.