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AIOU Tutor Search by Roll No 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide!

AIOU tutors play a vital role in shaping and helping students at Allama Iqbal Open University so that they can succeed in their studies. From offering academic guidance or using technology to aid learning to providing feedback, tutors have a crucial role in your academic life at AIOU. This guide will provide an understanding of who these tutors are for 2024, and the various ways they can enhance your learning journey and how you can access them using your roll number.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of searching for your AIOU Tutor by Roll Number for the 2023-2024 Spring and Autumn Semesters.

AIOU Tutor Search by Name and Roll No

With a vast number of students from around the globe, AIOU focuses on maintaining a high standard of education. This is achieved partly by ensuring that students can easily connect with their assigned tutors. The university has put considerable effort into appointing the best tutors to elevate the learning experience of its virtual students. For a student to benefit from this system, knowing how to search for their assigned tutor using their name or roll number is essential.

AIOU Tutor Search by Roll No Method

Finding your appointed AIOU tutor is a simple process. Below are the steps to locate your AIOU Tutor using your Roll Number:

  1. Access the Portal: Begin by typing ‘AIOU Enrollment‘ in the search bar of your browser or directly click on the provided link.
AIOU Portal Login

2. Enter Your Details: Once on the portal, input your Roll Number or Registration Number along with the password sent to you by the university.

3. Dashboard Access: Upon successful login, your dashboard will be displayed.

4. Locate Your Tutor: In the dashboard, look for the ‘My Tutors’ section. Here, you will find the details of your assigned tutors.

AIOU Tutor Search by Roll No Method

4. Locate Your Tutor: In the dashboard, look for the ‘My Tutors’ section. Here, you will find the details of your assigned tutors.

5. Tutor Details and Contact Information: Access your tutor’s name, address, and mobile number here. This information is vital for assignment submission and academic support.

AIOU My Tutors

6. Tutor Assignment Notification: Typically, tutor addresses are announced approximately 5 to 6 days prior to the posting of your initial assignments. If you haven’t received your tutor’s address, please reach out to your nearest AIOU Regional Office for assistance.

How to Access Tutor Information:

Students can access their allotted tutor information, including name, contact details, and address, from the AIOU Student Portal. Remember to use the tutor’s phone numbers responsibly, particularly regarding assignments, to maintain professionalism.

Students can easily find their tutors by entering their roll number and region on the official AIOU website. A step-by-step guide is provided for accessing tutor information online.

How to Find AIOU Tutor Info Using Roll Number in 2024

Here is the step-by-step process to simply search your tutor in the latest version of the Aaghi Portal

  • Go to the AIOU website: To locate your assigned AIOU tutor online, navigate to the official AIOU website at
  • Access the portal: By typing AIOU Enrollment or directly clicking on the given link you can access the dedicated tutor portal.
  • Input Your Information: Once on the portal, you’ll be prompted to enter your Roll Number. Your roll number serves as your identifier within the university’s system.
  • Dashboard Acess: Your roll number will lead you to your dashboard.
  • Locate Your Tutor: Now you can look for My Tutor section and proceed by clicking the designated “Search Tutor” button. This action triggers a search within the database and will gather all the information related to your assigned tutor. Upon successful retrieval, you’ll have the option to view and access your tutor’s details.  Simply click on the “Print” button to generate a printable version of the tutor’s information, which typically includes their name, contact details, assigned subject/course, and location.

Each AIOU student has a specific tutor assigned to them, which can be confirmed through the student’s dashboard. It’s a crucial step to always verify your instructor’s details before sending in your assignments. This confirmation is especially important during the semester.

This detailed process ensures that students can efficiently and accurately access vital information regarding their assigned tutors, facilitating effective communication and support throughout their academic journey at AIOU.

My Tutor AIOU Spring/Autumn Semester

By enrolling in AIOU, students gain access to a diverse range of e-learning opportunities. For both the Spring and Autumn semesters, the university assigns different tutors, often hailing from various districts to cater to the specific needs of learners. For instance, a student in Rawalpindi might have a tutor from the same region. There are instances where the same tutor may be assigned for both semesters, but this varies.

My Tutor AIOU Spring/Autumn Semester

Find Tutor AIOU by Registration No

Locating your AIOU tutor is a straightforward process if you have your registration number and password. Simply go to the Tutor Page on the AIOU website and follow the instructions provided. You’ll encounter a button that, when clicked, allows you to print all the necessary details of your tutor. It’s advisable to paste these details on the first page of your assignment before sending it to the respective tutor.

Troubleshooting AIOU Tutor Search Problems and Issues

It’s common to face issues with the AIOU Tutor Search by Roll Number 2024. But with these dedicated steps, you can overcome these problems without any hassle.

  • Verify Your Admission Status: Confirm your admission by clicking on the provided link.
  • Confirm Your Roll Number: Make sure to enter the correct roll number accurately to avoid any input errors.
  • Reach Out for Assistance: If you encounter any difficulties in searching for your AIOU tutor by roll number, the university offers support through their official focal person. Students can reach out for assistance by sending an email to [email protected].

AIOU Tutors Profile Update Autumn 2024

Dear Candidate,

  • Update Your Profile: Kindly verify that your profile, including personal details, address, educational background, and relevant experience, is current and accurate.
  • Update Your Profile: Also, make sure to mention any specific areas of expertise you have in addition to your qualifications, and specify how many years of experience you have in each of these areas.
  • Roles at AIOU:
    Please specify which of the available roles you are open to undertaking on a part-time basis at AIOU.


The AIOU Tutor Search by Roll No feature is a testament to AIOU’s commitment to providing accessible and quality education. This system not only simplifies the interaction between students and tutors but also enhances the overall educational experience at AIOU. For students aiming for academic success, understanding and utilizing this feature is invaluable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want to find your AIOU tutor for the 2024 semester, you can visit the official AIOU website and access the tutor portal as explained above. Enter your Roll Number, then click the “Search Tutor” button to retrieve your tutor’s details.

If you haven’t received any communication regarding your assigned AIOU tutor, you can still access their credentials online. Visit the AIOU website and navigate to the tutor portal. If you encounter any issues, you can contact your regional AIOU office for help.

Yes, if you need to update your contact information with your assigned AIOU tutor, you can do it by logging in through the AIOU student portal. You can navigate to the relevant section for tutor information, and follow the instructions to update your contact details.

If you encounter any difficulty understanding your assigned AIOU tutor’s instructions, don’t hesitate to reach out to them for clarification. You can contact your tutor directly using the provided contact information. Additionally, you can seek assistance from classmates or utilize online forums and resources provided by AIOU.

If there is any issue or dispute with your assigned AIOU tutor, it’s advisable to first attempt to resolve the matter through communication with the tutor. If the issue persists, you can address it to the relevant academic authorities at your regional AIOU office.

AIOU Tutors are really important because they’re the ones who grade your assignments, quizzes, and other work. They’re there to help, give feedback, and support you, making sure your learning experience at AIOU goes smoothly.

Tutors are matched with students according to their class groups and roll numbers. After admission is confirmed, the university pairs students with appropriate tutors, providing personalized academic assistance tailored to each student’s curriculum.

Typically, tutor addresses are announced around 5 to 6 days before the first assignments are posted. If you haven’t received your tutor’s address within this timeframe, please reach out to your nearest AIOU Regional Office for assistance.

Of course! You can find your tutor’s details on the AIOU mobile app. Just log in with your credentials and head to the “My Tutors” section. It’s super handy for making sure you have all you need for a successful academic journey!

Absolutely! The AIOU Tutor Search system is accessible for both Spring and Autumn semesters. Regardless of whether you’re enrolled in the Spring or Autumn session, you can use the system to locate your assigned tutor and obtain their contact details.