AIOU BS Islamic Studies ODL Solved Assignments – Spring 2024

Welcome to the AIOU BS Islamic Studies ODL Solved Assignments page for Autumn 2022-2023! As a student pursuing a BS in Islamic Studies through the AIOU, you may find yourself faced with challenging assignments that require a deep understanding of the subject matter. We understand that completing these BS Islamic Studies assignments can be difficult, especially if you are a distance-learning student.

That’s why we are here to provide you with comprehensive, high-quality solved assignments that will help you achieve academic success. Our BS Islamic Studies solved assignments are designed to meet the requirements of the AIOU curriculum and will ensure that you can submit your assignments on time with confidence.

BS Islamic Studies Subjects List

  • Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence-2953.
  • Islamic History-I-1903.
  • Study of World Religions-1902.
  • Ethics of Disagreement in Islam-1904.
  • Contemporary Fiqhi Issues-2955.
  • International Law of Islam-2954.

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BS Islamic Studies Program (4 Years)

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
1314Seerat wa Manaaqib Sahabah wa Ahl e bait e Rasool (S.A.W)
1901Objectives of Shari’ah
1902Study of World Religions
1903Islamic History
1904Ethics of Disagreement in Islam
1905Arabic Literature
1906History of Islamic Disciplines
1907Islamic Political System
1908Islamic Movements in Contemporary Era
1909Social System of Islam
1910Islamic Ethics and Tassawuf
1911Al-Dawah wal Irshad
1912Islamic & Western Civilization and thought in Historic Perspective
1913Economic System of Islam
1916Islamic Institutions
1917Islamic History-II
1918Study of Islamic Texts
1919Arabic Grammar
1920Islam and Science
1921Philosophy & ’Ailm e Klaam
1922Research Methodology
1951Introduction to Quran
1952Quranic Arabic
1966’Ailm al Tajweed
1973Principals of Research
2900Introduction to Hadith
2902Textual Study of Hadith-I (Saheh Bukhari, Bad-ul-L Wahi ta Kitab-Ul-Ilm, Abu Dawood, Kitab ul Adaab)
2903Uloom ul Hadith
2905Fiqh-al-Sunnah -1 (Ibadaat)
2909Fiqh al Sunnah II (Mu’aamalat)
2951Introduction to Fiqah
2952Study of Selected Aayaat & Ahadith related to Ahkam
2953Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
2954International Law of Islam
2955Contemporary Fiqhi Issues
3904Fiqh al Seerah Al Nabawiah
3906Subjective Study of Seerat ul nabi S.A.W (political & International aspect)
3907Proofs and Miracles of Prophet (S.A.W)
3908Geography of Seerat
3909Subjective Study of Seerat ul nabi S.A.W (Dawah and ethical aspect)
3910Seerat ul nabi (S.A.W) in the light of the Holy Quran
3911Biography of Prophet’s (S.A.W) styles and trends
3912Letters and Treaties of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)
3913Seerat and Orientalists
3914Seerat wa Manaaqib Sahabah wa Ahl e bait e Rasool (S.A.W)
3916Study of selected texts of Seerah
3918Research Project
3951Fiqh Hidaya (Kitab al Buyoob to Al Shahda)
3952Usool e Fiqh
3953Study of Quran-e-Hakeem Translation and Commentary (Al Baqarah, Aal-e-Imran)
3955Taxtual Study of Hadith, Sahih Muslim (Kitab ul Hajj, Zikr, Sefaat ul Munafiqin, Fitan, Zuhd)
3956Textual Study of Hadith (Jamea Termizi and Shumail-e-Termizi Abwab al Tahara, Slaat and Shamail)
3957Textual Study of Hadith (Sunan Nasai, Nikah, Talaq, Baih, Qaza, Ibne-e-Maja Ktab-us-Sunnah, Al Hudood, Al Tijarat, Al Zuhd)
3958Al Qirat ul Rashida
3959Philosophy of Islamic Shari’ah  (From beginning to sixth topic)
3961Research Project
5403Basic of ICT
9001Bunyadi Urdu
9138Modern Muslim World
9252Concepts of Mass Communication
9402Pakistan Studies
9407Compulsory English – I
9408Compulsory English – II
9409Compulsory English – III
9410Introduction to Sociology, Culture & Society
9417Introduction to Mathematics & Statistics

BS Urdu ODL Solved Assignments – Autumn 2022

3 Credit Hours Book BS Islamic Studies Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2022

Assignment No 1 / Due Date30-08-2023
Assignment No 2 / Due Date29-09-2023
Exam MonthOctober / November 2023


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