AIOU BS Pakistan Studies ODL Solved Assignments – Autumn 2022

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BS Pakistan Studies Program (4 Years)

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
4485Introduction to StatisticsPDFPDF
5403Basics of ICTPDFPDF
9264National & International Current Affairs IPDFPDF
9351Geography of Pakistan IPDFPDF
9352Ideological Foundations of PakistanPDFPDF
9353Geography of Pakistan IIPDFPDF
9354Foreign Policy of Pakistan IPDFPDF
9355Foreign Policy of Pakistan IIPDFPDF
9356Pakistani Society & Culture IPDFPDF
9358Genesis of Pakistan MovementPDFPDF
9360Political & Constitutional Development in Pakistan IPDFPDF
9361Pakistani Society & Culture II
9362Public AdministrationPDFPDF
9363Pakistan & NeighborsPDFPDF
9364Pakistani Languages & Literature II
9365Political & Constitutional Development in Pakistan IIPDFPDF
9366Regional Cultures of PakistanPDFPDF
9367Economic Development in Pakistan IPDFPDF
9368Urbanization in PakistanPDFPDF
9369Minorities & Human Rights in PakistanPDFPDF
9374Pakistan StudiesPDFPDF
9375Research for DevelopmentPDFPDF
9376Research ReportsPDFPDF
9377Natural Resource ManagementPDFPDF
9401Islamic StudiesPDFPDF
9403Pakistani Adab IPDFPDF
9404Public Relations PDFPDF
9407Compulsory English – IPDFPDF
9408Compulsory English – IIPDFPDF
9409Compulsory English – IIIPDFPDF
9410Introduction to Sociology: Culture & SocietyPDFPDF
9411Population StudiesPDFPDF
9417Introduction to Mathematics & StatisticsPDFPDF
9438Methods of Social Research I: Research ProcessPDFPDF
9439Methods of Social Research II: Tools of Data CollectionPDFPDF

3 Credit Hours Book BS English Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2022

Assignment No 1 / Due DateExtended (03-04-2023)
Assignment No 2 / Due Date03-04-2023
Exam MonthOctober / November 2022

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