AIOU MA Urdu Solved Assignments – Autumn 2022

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MA Urdu 1st Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
5601History of Urdu Literature – I
5602History of Urdu Literature – II
5603Urdu Fiction – I
5604Urdu Fiction – IIPDFPDF

3 Credit Hours Book MA Urdu Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2022

Assignment No 1 / Due Date27-02-2023
Assignment No 2 / Due Date10-04-2023
ExaminationMay – June 2023

MA Urdu 2nd Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
5605Urdu Criticism – IPDFPDF
5606Urdu Criticism – IIPDFPDF
5607Urdu Poetry – IPDFPDF
5608Urdu Poetry – IIPDFPDF

MA Urdu 3rd Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
5609Styles in Urdu Prose – IPDFPDF
5610Styles in Urdu Prose – IIPDFPDF
5611Specific Study of Mir & Ghalib – IPDFPDF
5612Specific Study of Mir & Ghalib – IIPDFPDF
5613Specific Study of Allama Iqbal – IPDFPDF
5614Specific Study of Allama Iqbal – IIPDFPDF

MA Urdu 4th Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
5615Urdu Literature in Pakistan Period – IPDFPDF
5616Urdu Literature in Pakistan Period – IIPDFPDF
5617Literature of Pakistani Languages – IPDFPDF
5618Literature of Pakistani Languages – IIPDFPDF
5619Arabic Language and Literature – I
5620Arabic Language and Literature – II
5621Persian Language and Literature – I
5622Persian Language and Literature – II
5623Journalism – IPDFPDF
5624Journalism – IIPDFPDF

MLIS Solved Assignments – Autumn 2022

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