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MSc Economics 1st Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
0801Introduction to Micro-Economics
0802Introduction to Macro-Economics
0803Mathematics for Economists
0804Statistics for Economists
0808Public Finance & Fiscal Policy

3 Credit Hours MSc Economics Book Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2022

Assignment No 1 / Due Date27-02-2023
Assignment No 2 / Due Date10-04-2023
ExaminationMay – June 2022

MSc Economics 2nd Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
805Advanced MicroeconomicsPDF
806Advanced MacroeconomicsPDF
807Basic EconometricsPDF
4671Development Economics – IPDF
4672Development Economics – IIPDF

Applicants having second class (minimum 45% marks) Bachelor Degree in Economics is eligible for admission.
Degree Requirement
For the award of degree of M.Sc. in Economics, a student has to complete the following requirements:
Sixty (60) credit hours of course / research work within a minimum period of 4 semester (two years)
Thesis in M.Sc Economic is optional. In lieu of thesis, students can take optional courses of 12 – credit hours offered by the department

MSc Economics 3rd Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
0810Economic Planning Techniques & Application
0811Monetary Theory & Policy
4673International Economics – I
4674International Economics – II
4675Islamic Economics – I
4676Islamic Economics – II

MSc Economics 4th Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
6565Economics & Financing of Education I
6566Economics & Financing of Education II
6569Economics & Research and Statistics I
6570Economics & Research and Statistics II

AIOU MSc Sociology Solved Assignments – Autumn 2022

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