AIOU B.ED 1.5, BED 2.5, BED 4 Solved Assignments – Spring 202

If you’re a student of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) pursuing B.Ed. 1.5, B.Ed. 2.5, or B.Ed. 4 programs, then you know how important it is to submit solved assignments to pass each course.

However, it can be challenging to complete these assignments on your own, especially if you’re struggling with the course material or have a busy schedule. That’s where our website page “AIOU B.Ed. 1.5, B.Ed. 2.5, B.Ed. 4 Solved Assignments – Autumn 2022” comes in.

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B.ED (1.5 Years), B.ED (2.5 Years), B.ED (4 Years) 

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
1655Teaching of EnglishPDF
1659Teaching of Urdu
5403Basics of ICT
5404Compulsory English – I
5411Compulsory English – II
5436Islamic Studies
5438Pakistan Studies (ODL)
6400General Methods of Teaching
6401General Math and Statistics
6402Educational Psychology & GuidancePDFPDF
6403Classroom ManagementPDFPDF
6404General SciencePDFPDF
6405Education in PakistanPDFPDF
6406Curriculum DevelopmentPDFPDF
6407Classroom Assessment
6408Teaching of Islamic Studies & Pak Studies
6409Teaching of Math
6410Arts Craft & Calligraphy
6411Foundations of Education
6412School Society & Teacher
6413Introduction to Inclusive Education
6414Teaching of General Science
6416School Administration and Supervision
6435Assessment in Science Education
6436Assessment in Science Education
6437Teaching Strategies in Science
6438Management and Safety Methods
6442Physics – IIPDFPDF
6443Physics – IIIPDFPDF
6444Physics – IVPDFPDF
6445Teaching of PhysicsPDFPDF
6446Mathematics – I
6447Mathematics – II
6448Mathematics III
6449Mathematics IV
6450Teaching of Mathematics
6455Teaching of Biology
6456Chemistry – I
6457Chemistry – II
6458Chemistry – III
6459Chemistry – IV
6460Teaching of Chemistry
6461Educational Research and Statistics
6462Test Development and Evaluation
6465English II
6466Comparative Education
6468English I (Content Major)
6469English II (Content Major)
6470English III (Content Major)
6471English IV (Content Major)
6472English V (Content Major)
6473Islamic Studies I (Content Major)
6474Islamic Studies II (Content Major)
6475Islamic Studies III (Content Major)
6476Islamic Studies IV (Content Major)
6477Islamic Studies V (Content Major)
6478Urdu-I (Content Major)
6479Urdu-II (Content Major)
6480Urdu-III (Content Major)
6481Urdu-IV (Content Major)
6482Urdu-V (Content Major)
6483Home Economics-I (Content Major)
6484Home Economics-II (Content Major)
6485Home Economics-III (Content Major)
6486Home Economics-IV (Content Major)
6487Home Economics-V (Content Major)
6488Pakistan Studies – I (Content Major)
6490Pakistan Studies-III (Content Major)
6491Natural Resources & Economic Development in Pakistan
6492Foreign Policy of Pakistan
6493Pedagogy-I (Teaching of English)
6494Pedagogy-Teaching of Urdu
6495Teaching of Pakistan Studies
6496Pedagogy-Teaching of Home Economics
6497Pedagogy-II (Teaching of Islamic Studies)
8601General Methods of TeachingPDFPDF
8602Educational AssessmentPDFPDF
8603Curriculum DevelopmentPDFPDF
8604Research Method in EducationPDFPDF
8605Educational LeadershipPDFPDF
8606Citizenship Education and CommunityPDFPDF
8609Philosophy of EducationPDF
8610Human DevelopmentPDF
8611Critical Thinking and Reflective PracticesPDF
8612Professionalism in TeachingPDF
8614Educational StatisticsPDF
8615Management StrategiesPDF
8616School AdministrationPDF
8617Plan Implementation and Educational ManagementPDF
8618School LeadershipPDF
8619Educational TechnologyPDFPDF
8620Computers in EducationPDFPDF
8621Broadcast MediaPDFPDF
8622Non-Broadcast MediaPDFPDF
8623Elementary EducationPDFPDF
8624Secondary Education
8625Higher Education
8626Teacher Education in Pakistan
8627Foundation of Science Education
8628Assessment in Science Education
8629Laboratory Organization, Management &Safety Methods
8630Introduction to Inclusive
8631Introduction to Special Education
8632Inclusive Education Adaptations in Curriculum
8633Inclusive Education Adaptation in Instruction & Evaluation
8634Foundation of Reading
8635Teaching Reading
8636Reading Difficulties
8637Reading Assessment
8638General Science in Schools
8663Geography of Pakistan Part-I
8664Geography of Pakistan Part-II
8667Islamiat – I
8668Islamiat – II
8669Seerat-e-Tayyaba – I
8670Seerat-e-Tayyaba – II
8671Physics V
8674Mathematics V

3 Credit Hours Book B.ED Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2022

Assignment No 1 / Due Date15-08-2023
Assignment No 2 / Due Date15-09-2023
Examination MonthOct – Nov 2023

BS Pakistan Studies ODL Solved Assignments – Autumn 2022


  1. Maryam Asif says:

    Aoa assignments 8601,8602,8603,8604,8605,8606 kb tk upload ho gi r inki submission ki last date bhi bta dy kindly

  2. MADEEHA IJAZ says:

    Can i found these assignments 6406, 6435,6436,6437,6451,6456?

  3. Assalam O Alaikum
    B.ed 6473 1st ND 2nd assignment chaye.
    6488 ki dono assignment chaye.

  4. The assignments of courses 8623,8624,8625 and 8626 have not uploaded yet why?
    Where can i find the assignments of these courses

  5. Please upload 8624, 8625, 8626 B.Ed 1.5 Autumn 2023 assignments…

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