AIOU MA Islamic Studies Solved Assignments – Autumn 2022

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MA Islamic Studies 1st Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
4611Usool Tafsir and History of Tafsir
4612Study of Quran Hakim
4621Usool, History of Hadith hand Textual Study
4622Textual Study of Hadith

3 Credit Hours Book MA Islamic Studies Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2022

Assignment No 1 / Due Date27-02-2023
Assignment No 2 / Due Date10-04-2023
Examination MonthMay – June 2023

MA Islamic Studies 2nd Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
4601Islamic History – IPDFPDF
4602Islamic History – IIPDFPDF
4631Study of FiqhPDFPDF
4632Study of Texts of Islamic FiqhPDFPDF
4639Arabic Language & Literature (Quran & Hadith)PDFPDF
4640Arabic Language & Literature (Prose & Poetry)PDFPDF

MA Islamic Studies 3rd Semester

CodeBook NameNo 1No 2
2621Dawa Wa Irshad
2622History Of Islamic Thought & Islamic SciencesPDFPDF
2624Islamic And Western Civilization & Thought in Historic PerspectivePDFPDF
2625Islamic Economic SystemPDFPDF
2626Islamic Ethics and TasawufPDFPDF
2627Islamic Movements in Contemporary EraPDFPDF
2628Islamic Philosophy and Ilmul Kalam
2629Islamic Social and Political SystemPDFPDF
2631Research Methodology
2632Mutalia Mazahib-E-Aalam
4613Ulum-Al-Quran – I
4614Ulum-Al-Quran – II
4615Evolution of Tafseer – I
4616Evolution of Tafseer – II
4617Fiqh Al Quran – I
4618Fiqh Al Quran – II
4633Introduction of Islamic Sharia
4635Procedural Law of Islam
4636Wasail-E-Isbat and Ehtisab in Islamic Law
4637Criminal Law of Islam (Crimes & Hudood)
4638Islamic Law of Qasas, Diat & Tazirat
4596Islamic Law Zakat-O- Ashar
4623Al-Qawaid Fil Hadith – I
4624Al-Qawaid Fil Hadith – II
4625History of Hadith Literature – I
4626History of Hadith Literature – II
4627Textual Study of Hadith – I
4628Textual Study of Hadith – II

MA Urdu Solved Assignments – Autumn 2022

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